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Sunflower oil is widely used in cooking due to its beneficial properties and versatility

It has a wide range of applications, including eating, cooking, as a marinade, cleanser and air conditioner

Marmalade is a delicacy familiar from childhood, the main difference of which is not only its bright taste and aroma

Canned food is convenient for use on trips, picnics or just for storing at home in case of unexpected arrival of guests.

Lollipops are mainly used as a sweet snack or as part of a children’s party.

A popular treat that consists of thin strands of sugar twisted together to form a soft, fluffy ball

Fruit nectar has a pleasant fruity taste and aroma, it is rich in vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits. This drink perfectly quenches thirst and is a useful alternative to carbonated drinks

Garlic sauce is ideal for potato, meat and fish dishes. It also goes well with vegetables and can be used as a dip for bread.

Grain products can be used to make porridges, soups, bread, confectionery and other dishes.

Marmalade is a confectionery product made from fruit, berry purees or juices boiled with sugar

A popular oriental dessert that is made from nuts or seeds, sugar and caramel mass. 
Tahini is a thick paste made from ground sesame seeds common in the Middle East,

Honey is used as a sweetener in a wide variety of dishes, ranging from salad dressings and marinades to pastries, blanks and drinks.

Grains are used for food in the form of bread, cereals, pasta, cookies, cakes and other products.

Legumes are affordable, easy to store and prepare products with an impressive list of useful properties and high nutritional value. 

Malt drinks are soft drinks that are brewed from barley, malt and other cereals.

Olives and vegetables can be used in the preparation of various dishes: salads, side dishes, appetizers and main dishes. 

A diverse group of products intended for human consumption

Banana chips are often used as a snack or as an addition to other dishes. 

Recipes are used to accurately describe the cooking process of a dish or drink. They include a list of ingredients, their quantity, detailed cooking instructions.

Liquid or semi-liquid seasonings that are added to various dishes to improve their taste, aroma and texture

Variety of confectionery, desserts and other sweet dishes.


There are many varieties of tea that differ in taste, aroma and color.

Food additives that give it a special taste, aroma and color. Seasonings are used to improve the taste of food, as well as to increase its shelf life.

Tahini is used in cooking to prepare various dishes such as hummus, babaganush, etc. 

Vegetables are used in cooking to prepare various dishes, including salads, soups, side dishes and more.

Pickled vegetables provides new flavors and textures. They can be used as an appetizer, side dish or ingredient for various dishes.