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Red jalapeno pepper 3.7l


Red jalapeño slices are vibrant and add a pop of color to any dish. They are made from slicing a red jalapeño pepper, which is a riper version of the green jalapeño pepper. Red jalapeños tend to be slightly sweeter and milder than green jalapeños, but they can still pack a punch, depending on the pepper.

If you’re looking to add a burst of color, a touch of sweetness, and a delightful kick of heat to your dish, reach for some red jalapeño slices! Their versatility and flavor profile make them a fun and fiery addition to many culinary adventures.

Premium Quality. Net Weight 3.7 L

Case Size4 Units / Case
Cases / Layer12
Cases / Pallet72
Unit Barcode628098573024
Case Barcode628098573260

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