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Mixed pickle 1l


Mixed pickle is a colorful and flavorful blend of sliced green and red jalapeño peppers. They offer a range of heat levels and a vibrant pop of color to any dish.

You can use Mixed pickle in different ways: Mixed pickle are a perfect topping for nachos; These slices can add a delightful pop of color and a surprising touch of heat to your salads; Spice up your sandwiches and burgers with some mixed jalapeño slices;  A well-loved pizza topping! Use them to make a delicious and colorful salsa. 

If you’re looking to add a burst of color, a range of heat levels, and a delightful flavor profile to your dish, reach for some mixed jalapeño slices from San Marino! Their versatility and flavor profile make them a fun and exciting addition to many culinary adventures.

Premium Quality. Net Weight 1 L

Case Size4 Units / Case
Cases / Layer12
Cases / Pallet72
Unit Barcode628098573055
Case Barcode628098573291

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