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Fava beans plain 400g


Fava beans in their plain state are a delightful and versatile ingredient. Their mild flavor allows them to adapt to various dishes, while their creamy texture adds a luxurious touch. Soaking and cooking dried fava beans unlocks their potential, allowing you to explore their culinary possibilities in endless ways.

Plain fava beans truly shine when incorporated into various dishes. For example:  Fava beans add a pop of protein, fiber, and a creamy texture to salads; Adding fava beans to soups during the simmering process creates a creamy and protein-rich base; Mashed fava beans seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs create a flavorful dip or spread; Fava beans can be tossed into pasta dishes for a protein boost and a delightful textural contrast with the pasta. 

100% Natural. Net Weight 400 g.

Case Size24 Units / Case
Cases / Layer8
Cases / Pallet104
Unit Barcode628235195584
Case Barcode628235195645

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