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Sea salt plantain chips

Lively Nature Sea Salt Plantain Chips are a great choice if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to potato chips with a touch of salty goodness. They cater to those who enjoy a more subtle flavor profile and prioritize all-natural ingredients. Single-serving bags around 85 grams

Lime jalapeno plantain chip

Lively Nature Jalapeno & Lime Plantain Chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips made with all-natural ingredients. Imagine a chip that ditches the potato and embraces the plantain, a close relative of the banana. Lively Nature’s Jalapeno & Lime Plantain Chips take these green plantains, slice them thin, and bake them for a crispy, […]


JS Honey appears to be a brand of raw and undiluted honey. If you’re looking for a honey that stays true to its natural form and embraces traditional beekeeping methods, JS Honey could be the golden addition to your pantry. Weight 250 g

Natural honey

Al Shifa Natural Honey is known forits wide range of honey varieties, all sourced from the «best international sources» and meeting strict quality standards. 100% Nature Weight 250 g Al Shifa Natural Honey offers a global taste of nature’s sweetness, with a focus on quality and a variety to satisfy your honey cravings.

Cocktail fruit nectar

Jannat Cocktail Fruit Nectar sounds like a delicious and refreshing drink option. Imagine a burst of sunshine in a bottle — that’s Jannat Cocktail Fruit Nectar! This tropical drink is like a party in your mouth, bursting with the flavors of multiple fruits. Just remember to be mindful of the sugar content if you’re watching […]

Blueberry flavored mineral drink

Gülec Blueberry Flavored Mineral Water sounds like a refreshing and subtly sweet drink that combines the benefits of mineral water with a hint of blueberry flavor. Gülec Blueberry Flavored Mineral Drink seems like a healthy and delightful alternative to sugary drinks. It provides the benefits of mineral water — hydration and potentially some electrolytes — […]

Mandarin flavored mineral drink

Sarikiz Mandarin Flavored Mineral Drink combines the clean hydration of mineral water with a burst of juicy mandarin orange flavor. Sarikiz Mandarin Flavored Mineral Drink sounds like a delicious and potentially healthy alternative to sugary sodas or juices.

Chilli garlic sauce

Habib Chilli Garlic Sauce sounds like a flavorful and potentially fiery condiment, perfect for adding a kick to your meals. Habib Chilli Garlic Sauce is a fiery friend for those who love to add a kick to their meals. With its balanced blend of tangy tomato, fiery chilies, and savory garlic, it can transform your […]

Alarjawi royal shami thyme

Alarjawi Royal Shami Thyme is a brand of thyme known for its high quality and potential health benefits. It’s a chance to incorporate a touch of tradition and potentially superior quality into your cooking. Alarjawi Royal Shami Thyme seems like a high-quality option for those looking to add the taste and potential health benefits of […]

Shanklish case

A Shanklish Case isn’t actually a case in the traditional sense, like a phone case or a suitcase. It refers to a specific type of container used to store and age Shanklish cheese. Shanklish Case is a traditional and functional container specifically designed to store and age Shanklish cheese, promoting the development of its unique […]


Kaymak, sometimes spelled kaymac, is a delicious and creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream. Kaymak is a versatile ingredient enjoyed in many ways: Breakfast Delight, Dessert Partner, Culinary Creativity and etc. Kaymak offers a delightful and decadent dairy experience. Whether you enjoy it for breakfast, dessert, or as a unique culinary ingredient, its creamy […]

Mediterranean cheese

Halloumi is a delightful and versatile cheese that brings a unique flavor and texture to your meals. It’s a delightful taste of the Mediterranean that can be enjoyed in countless ways, from sizzling on the grill to adding a surprising twist to your salad.

Gourmet chevapi chicken

Mrakovic Gourmet Chicken Chevapi sounds like a delicious twist on the classic Balkan sausage dish. Mrakovic Gourmet Chicken Chevapi isn’t your ordinary chicken sausage. It’s a flavor explosion waiting to happen, inspired by the rich heritage of cevapčići but with a delicious chicken twist. You can Grill, Fry or Bake. One package contains 20 pieces […]

The big balkan burger

Mrakovic The Big Balkan Burger isn’t your ordinary patty on a bun. It’s a flavor adventure inspired by the hearty grills of the Balkans, ready to tantalize your taste buds. One package contains 5 pieces of 42 g. Halal product. if you’re looking for a flavor explosion that goes beyond your typical burger, or are […]